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  About The School  

About the School

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Welcome to Our School…

                John F. Kennedy Elementary School , home of the J.F.K. Eagles, is a Pre-K – 3rd grade elementary school located in West Berlin, New Jersey. Our staff works extremely hard to provide for all of the needs of our 330 students. We work cooperatively with our parents to insure a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for everyone who is part of our J.F.K. Eagle family.

School Hours

Regular school day: 8:45 – 3:15

Early dismissal day: 8:45 – 1:15

Delayed opening day: 10:45 – 3:15


Emergency Closing

In the event of an emergency school closing or delayed opening we will notify the KYW (1060 AM) radio station. Our school number is 582. You can also check the website at


Dress Code Policy

We like students to be comfortable in the learning environment and to have the opportunity to participate in all available activities. To ensure that each child has this opportunity, the following guidelines have been established:


  • Clothing should be clean and age-appropriate
  • Clothing should be activity and weather appropriate
  • Sneakers should be worn for physical education, class trips, field day and recess
  • Hats and non-prescription glasses are not permitted in the building
  • Sneaker skates are not permitted
  • Inappropriate graphics/slogans on clothing are not permitted


Students are encouraged to wear shoes with closed front (unexposed toes). Shoes must fasten to the foot with a strap. No slip on, clogs or flip-flops are permitted.